Connect 56 is a ministry for 5th and 6th graders

The transition from Children’s Ministry to Youth Ministry has always been difficult.  Some kids are ready for youth group when they start 6th grade and some are not ready.  Most 5th graders are ready to disconnect from Children’s ministry, although this is not true for all.

Connect 56 is a combined effort of our Kids Ministry and  Youth Ministry  designed to bridge the gap between the two. It is about helping 5th and 6th graders develop a deeper level of personal responsibility for their faith through Bible study, connections with one another and in activities  provided for them. It  also provides an opportunity to discover serving in ministry.

We Meet:

5th and 6th graders check in at the Kids Check in station in the Gathering Place in the Worship Center.  They meet their Connect 56 leader the designated area of the Worship Center.  They  participate in worship through the announcement time.  Then they proceed to the Middle School Chapel for a discipleship training. Parents meet their Connect 56 student in the Gathering Place after worship is over.

Activities are planned each quarter to build relationships, provide fun activities, and reach new Connect 56 students.  Parents are asked chaperone for these events.  Some ideas for activities could be nerf gun wars, bowling, pool party, capture the flag and a bonfire, water balloon wars, movie night, and a cereal bar & board game night...each of the gatherings has a set time for food, devotion, and discussion.